Too Good to Be True?

Sometimes you come across something that seems too good to be true, and I’ve had that experience this weekend.  We discovered a small new public water park at one of the parks where I often play disc golf (when I have time to play disc golf, that is).  Now, I’m not talking slides or anything like that, but what they’ve got is perfect for Brynna on a hot summer day, and it’s free.

We went there today, and I expected it to be packed out with kids because of the weekend and the heat, but there was only one other family there.  Woohoo!

Small Group

Special thanks to Wendy & Jari Mema for putting on a great mystery meal at small group this past Sunday.  They had each adult in the group order four courses of food by guessing at cryptic Bible references.  What resulted were weird combinations (such as beans and dessert salad) and sometimes having to eat food with either the wrong or no silverware.

It was a lot of fun!  Thanks, guys!