Worship Tonight


Tonight was an awesome night of worship at Faith Promise!  We set a record for a single service with 1,226 present (1321, if you include the kids in Preschool) .  That’s pretty full, especially when you take into account that there are only 1,000 seats in the auditorium.

One of the songs was, For the Glory of it All, and it really made me miss all my pals from the West Campus.  I love you guys, and I think about you all the time!  Come visit, when you have a chance!

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3 thoughts on “Worship Tonight

  1. The fire marshal would have had a fit if he or she saw FP last night. That being said, I was so lost in Him last night. The old hymn that goes “filled with His goodness LOST IN HIS LOVE.” I was lost in worship. I wonder what it would be like if we are indeed truly in His throne room, in His presence.

  2. Misty started to freak out in the balcony when it started to shake a little! I told her not to worry, I saw it when it was steel beams and it’s not going anywhere. It always freaks me out when I get stuck on the overpass at Lovell Road, you can feel it sway.

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