Baptizing a Friend From Church

This past weekend, I got to baptize one of my friends from church.  I’ve known Carol for several months now, we’ve talked on the phone about salvation and theology, and she’s a member of the Tuesday night small group that Keri and I lead.  Despite all that, yesterday was our first time to meet Carol face-to-face.

Carol lives in Utah, attends Faith Promise Church on our Internet Campus, and attends our online small group.  Yesterday, she was in town, so we had a cookout at my house then went to church together, where Carol was baptized.  It was an awesome day.

Check out the video here:

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3 thoughts on “Baptizing a Friend From Church

  1. This was a beautfiul thing to witness!! Praise the Lord for I-campus! and FAITH PROMISE!

  2. They need to have a moment there where you do thumbs up or number one and your fam. can take a pic of you. This is a vital reform all churches need to make.

  3. Kyle, thanks for posting that. Good reminder for me of an incredible day and moment. Thank you for the part that you have played in all of it. And I too do thank the Lord for the iCampus. ;)

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