I Don’t Own a Television


Many of you know that for the eight years Keri and I have been married, we haven’t owned a television. Yes, that’s right, we’re strange. We’ve never seen an episode of Survivor, Dancing with the Stars, or American Idol. It started off as an experiment, and it’s ended up as a lifestyle.

We made the decision not to own a television for a couple of reasons:

1) We saw that it could be a major distraction to meaningful conversation. At least for me, I can find myself tuning into what’s happening on the television rather than keeping my mind focused on a discussion.

2) We feel that media can make a major impact on the way we think and process information, so we want to be discerning about the type of media we subject our minds to.

Now, before I continue any further, I don’t want to give you the wrong impression of Keri and me. We’re not monks or anything. We do have two computers and broadband internet in our home (along with electricity and running water), and we don’t look down on people who like to watch television.

So here are the questions I want to open up for discussion:

–What effect do you think media (including TV, internet, music, magazines, etc.) has on people’s lives? How have you felt this impact in your life?

–What safeguards or boundaries have you set to keep media in check?

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