Fighting Pornography


Recently our Pastor preached a message on the subject of pornography. The following list of resources has been made available to help you or someone you know as they battle in this area.


Free Accountability Software:
x3watch Software

Free Filtering

Excellent Books:
“At the Altar of Sexual Immorality”, Steve Gallagher
“Not Even a Hint: Guarding Your Heart Against Lust”, Joshua Harris
“Every Man’s Battle”, Stephen Arterburn, Fred Stoeker, and Mike Yorkey

Statistics & Information:

Other Resources You May Find Helpful:
BattleZONE Ministries
Online Counseling
Protecting Kids
Free Filtering Software and Training


Honestly, this is an area where I know I must be vigilant. I’ve used the x3watch software on my home and work computers for several years now, and my wife and my brother are the ones who get the e-mail twice a month. In addition to them, there are also several other guys in my life who hold me accountable and who I help hold accountable.

UPDATE 8/29/08: I’ve been using the K9 Filter for several months now, and it’s the best thing I’ve come across, especially for free.  It can be customized, and I highly recommend it.

I may be a pastor, but I’m still human, and I realize that accountability is a huge part of living in a way that’s pleasing to God.