Why I Love the Leadership Summit


Over the next few months, you’re going to hear Dr. Marr and I talk a lot about the Leadership Summit.  This is an annual event that our staff has attended together for several years, and last year Southcliff began hosting a live satellite feed of the Summit (projected on a huge movie screen we set up at the Main Campus). 

The big misunderstanding we ran into last year was that a lot of people thought the event was just for people on church staff.  That’s not the case.  It’s also for those of you who serve in ministry, who are thinking about serving in ministry, or who have leadership responsibilities in other areas of your life. I can’t say enough good things about the Leadership Summit.  It’s one of the major highlights of the year for me.  The speakers are always terrific, the music and drama is awesome, and God seems to speak to my heart in a significant way each year. 

To be honest with you, I wish every person on our West Campus would attend.  It’s just that good.  And the only thing better than getting to go is getting to go with you guys, so I hope you’ll join me. 

The cost is $75 per person for members and regular attenders (a huge discount compared to what others have to pay), but we don’t want to let money stand in the way of anyone attending, so let me know if that’s an issue. 

Begging isn’t beneath me, so if that’s what it takes to get you to attend, just let me know, and I’ll be happy to oblige.

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6 thoughts on “Why I Love the Leadership Summit

  1. I’m in agreement with Kyle about the value of the Leadership Summit and I speak from the perspective of one who wondered if there would be any real benefit. I did not see my self in a leadership role so I wondered if I really needed to attend. Even though some of the practical leadership techniques did not directly apply to me, the principles and ideas that were taught have already proved invaluable in my life. Each of us lead in some way and many of the lessons that were taught could be made applicable to roles outside of church or business leadership.

    I highly recommend you making it a priority to attend. The Summit is well done and you’ll learn some important lessons and principles.

  2. Kyle: I will not be attending. But is there someone you know who would like to go and doesn’t have the $75 ? I would like to pay someone’s way. Just let me know.

  3. Mickey, thanks for the offer! I know there are a few people that could use a partial scholarship, so I’ll be in touch with you.

    Warren, thanks for the thoughtful comment. I couldn’t agree more.

  4. One of the best aspects of the leadership summit is that so many views are represented. Although you may not agree with every presenter, their points of view stimulate thinking and for me serve to challenge and grow my leadership thinking and action. I believe that everyone who attends no matter what their age , gender ,or occupation will find something in the summit that God can use to further His will in their lives and in their area of infulence.

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