Something That’s Been Bugging Me

The Process

It’s amazing how ministry has changed over the past few years. Things like websites, database management, compelling children’s programs, slick marketing, facility management, staff meetings, event planning, and program communication now take up a huge part of the work that happens in the church office.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand the importance of these things and how they are useful in spreading the news of Christ’s kingdom (after all, I am a graphic and website designer), but what’s been bugging me lately is that these things seem to clamor for first priority. It makes me wonder how many churches have been sidetracked from their real focus.

Could it be possible that we can become so busy doing church that we don’t even notice that we’re no longer doing what Christ called us to do? What does that say about our dependence on God?

May God give us grace as we seek to focus on his kingdom instead of our own.

One thought on “Something That’s Been Bugging Me

  1. First of all, I want to commend you for bringing to light this – most often – overlooked reality that challenges the modern day Christian. This issue has especially been heavy on my heart for quite some time now. And, I must confess, I’ve allowed myself to be so busy that I’m actually surprised that I found the time to write these words (ain’t that a shame).

    Even though my ultimate desire is to know Christ and make Him known, I often find myself getting caught in the “busyness” of things (with my career and with church). And, knowing that we are called to be transformed into the likeness of Jesus Christ (God’s purpose for us), I know that He was not preoccupied with programmatic things.

    Perhaps we’ve gotten so caught up in the work of organizing programs, activities, etc. that we have missed the whole purpose of what they are designed for (religion vs. relationships).

    I find this issue being significant enough that I will revisit this post periodically – hoping that others will contribute for insight and for encouragement, as well. I don’t know all the answers, but, I know the One who does. And it is refreshing to fellowship with others sharing in the same struggles, striving to “be” like Him.

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