The Most Dangerous Prayer

I desire authenticity in my life, and I tend to be pretty transparent, but I hesitate to post this because it is so raw and real in my life right now. It is a post from LifeChurch’s Swerve Blog:

Do you truly want to make a difference in this world? Do you want generations to be different because you knew Christ? Do you want to lead a church that will impact your city, state, and the world? Do you want your preaching to awaken dormant spirits, stir complacent hearts, convict wayward sinners?

Then pray this prayer: “God, please break me.”

He will.

And when He does, you’ll be ruined-in the best sort of way.

  • Your heart will ache for those without Christ.
  • You’ll despise spiritual complacency.
  • You’ll see the darkness of your heart clearly.
  • You’ll be bothered deeply by things you used to easily overlook.
  • You’ll cry often and easily.
  • You’ll know Jesus more intimately.

“Break us… Oh, Lord! Break us!”

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3 thoughts on “The Most Dangerous Prayer

  1. I don’t know if you saw it already, but I made a comment on the original LifeChurch post. It’s painful to relay what God has been doing in me, but He’s been very near to me through it all.

  2. What a challenge this post has presented! My immediate reaction was “That’s just crazy! Being broken HURTS – why in the world would someone actually request pain?? And besides, doesn’t the Lord do that whenever He pleases already?”

    The problem came when I realized that I’m not shy at all about asking the Lord to bless me. Every day I ask for wisdom. I ask for the Lord to fill me with integrity and insight to do my job. Why do I think He needs my cooperation with that and not the other?

    Sounds like a lack of trust to me – like I don’t really believe that God ALWAYS has my best interest at heart – even though He has carried me through several seasons of brokeness with such sweet and tender mercy – I still hesitate to ask.

    I’m pushing through – thanks always for the challenge, brother.

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