Emotional Week

This has been a very emotional week. On the way to church in the morning, I got a call from my dad, letting me know that Grandmomma (my mom’s mother) had a massive heart attack and a stroke. So on top of the gut-wrenching heaviness of working through what’s happening on the West Campus, I also had great concern for the well being of my Grandma.

Regarding my Grandma: The last week has mostly been spent at Covenant Hospital in Lubbock. It’s been a good time – visiting with family and providing care to my Grandma – and we’ve had a bunch of laughs. My Grandmomma is one of my heroes, and she’s also quite a character. Despite the fact that she can barely talk now, and half of her body isn’t able to move yet, the hospital room has been full of joy, laughter, and hope.

Regarding the West Campus: These past two years have been a dream. Things haven’t been perfect, and we’ve come against many challenges, but this has been the greatest ministry experience I’ve ever been a part of. Despite the fact that this congregation didn’t grow like we all hoped it would, we’ve all been changed. I’ll never see ministry, church, fellowship, and discipleship the same again.

I couldn’t be more proud of the West Campus congregation. People have served with faithfulness and excellence, and they’ve put their hearts into this, letting it all be an act of worship. What a privilege it has been to pastor and lead this congregation!