My Favorite Alarm Clock

One of the senior adult ladies at our church gave me an alarm clock for Christmas. It’s got a giant digital readout with red numbers, and it even has a projector so I can shoot the time on the ceiling, or the wall, or Keri’s sleeping face.

I love it, but Keri thinks it’s satanic. I think it might be because it has this weird flicker (imagine it occasionally switching from 2 to 3 and back again multiple times in a second), and because the projector randomly turns itself off and on. The best part is that sometimes it projects strange mangled digital contortions rather than the time, and when it does that, you can’t turn off the projector.

I love my alarm clock, and it makes me laugh. Fortunately, Keri puts up with it. She’s pretty cool like that.

One thought on “My Favorite Alarm Clock

  1. Keri is justified making the connection between Satan and alarm clocks. A year or so ago I woke up like normal at 4:30 am (that’s not the satanic part) only to read my digital alarm clock reading 6:66- no joke (and impossible to set that way). After coming up from a few minutes of praying under the covers, I looked at the beast mark again and exercised the batteries right out of it and threw it in the trash:) Since then, I just use my phone. A projector huh, that’s pretty cool….

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