Major Transition

Yesterday in both of the morning services, I announced my coming resignation as Associate Pastor of Southcliff to move to Knoxville, TN, and take on the position of Communications Pastor at Faith Promise Church.

It’s really hard to say goodby to Southcliff, but Keri and I both feel that this is what God is leading us to do.

Here’s a video of me reading my letter of resignation as well as Dr. Marr giving me (and Josh Whitehead – my buddy who is the Executive Pastor at Faith Promise) a bit of a ribbing.

15 thoughts on “Major Transition

  1. Sooo…….Kyle…..I hear you might be “rearranging furniture” in your house. Changing the landscape maybe? (Wink Wink, nudge nudge;););) Hope your doing well. If you need any help “sorting” things give me a call.

  2. love you guys…hate that you’re moving, but excited to see God usher you into a new season and we trust He will bless you and usher His blessings into your lives!

  3. Ben, you’re hilarious! We’d love to have you guys come out and help us “sort”, if you can make that work. Just talk to my social coordinator (your sister).

    BonkyMom, we’re really going to miss you guys too! You guys are great friends – worth every bit of the effort of the West Campus just to have your friendship. Thanks again for taking care of the kids the other night (and for accidentally leaving that burrito, which I ate)!

  4. I’m so thrilled that you guys are going to be so close… and thrilled you were able to have such a great impact in TX, knowing you’ll do the same in Knoxville!

  5. Oh Kyle, how sad it is you are moving from the greatest country in the world.
    Don’t worry though…we will all retire there and until then, Tennessee here we come…………………YYYYYYYYIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :)

  6. Josh – Yeah, I thought that was pretty funny. I was a little surprised that he did that in front of everyone. Around the office he’s been calling you “spoon head” today.

    Lan – Thanks for the kind words! We’re excited to be closer to you too. Unless Kath moves, you and the Whiteheads are about our only friends or family that we’ll be moving closer to.

    Kath – It is pretty sad that we’ll be moving from Texas, but I think other than my friends and family, about the only other thing I’ll miss is the food.

  7. BonkyMom – It is only the best friends that intentionally leave burritos. You guys are the best!

    Lan – I’ll have to continue the mystery and leave those questions for Kath to answer since I’m not exactly sure the answer to either one.

  8. Darling Lannie Belle-
    The Republic of Texas was a country for 10 glorious years and some of us have never forgotten that:)

  9. Ahhhh…well stated darling sis, I’m so glad someone got it(bravo, bravo).
    And as Mama wrote me once, “God gave men all earth to love, but since our hearts are small, ordained for each one spot should prove beloved over all.”
    Can anyone guess my spot?? ;)

  10. Congratulations on your move. I’m sure that you’re going to do great. Stay in touch. Good luck with the move.

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