2 thoughts on “Among Other Things

  1. Sounds like a cutting edge church. We are so excited for you guys that we check this blog, on average, twice a day. But, me and Beth don’t really get this post. Can you explain the lack of faces?

  2. Yeah, we’re doing really cutting edge ministry… to people with no faces, and this is a part of the marketing ad.

    Actually, I intended to explain better last night when I posted this, but I was feeling too tired to elaborate. I’ll do better now.

    Basically, the ad will show close ups of a family all dressed up and getting ready for their formal photo. Then, the dad complains that he’s tired of smiling, and the kids start messing with each other. As the camera pulls back to a wide shot, the facade comes falling down, and you realize that they aren’t really dressed in their dresses in ties, but are dressed casually.

    Then, they’ll use that to tag the “come as you are” slogan and say something like “You don’t have to be picture perfect to come worship with us.”

    I had nothing to do with the storyboard or anything, but it was fun to watch what was going on.

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