“Haunted” Walgreens

Brynna and I needed to pick up some bread for dinner the other night, so we stopped in at Walgreens rather than having to deal with the crowds at Wal-Mart.  When we entered the door, I realized that we had a small problem.  No body told me that in October, Walgreens is transformed into a haunted house.  There were skeleton faces all over the place, and not just the innocent “Mr. Funny Bones” kind of skeletons either.  I’m talking about rotting hair and flesh kinds of creepies down several isles.

So I picked up my daughter and told her to put her head on my shoulder and keep her eyes closed – that there were some things that were kind of rude that she wouldn’t want to see.  Fortunately, I think she took me at my word and did what I told her too, and we quickly grabbed our stuff, paid for it, and headed out the door.

It’s a strange world that we live in.  It’s becoming increasingly difficult to protect the innocence of children in our society (and I know it’s worse in most other countries).

Some of you may be tempted to tell me that I shouldn’t shelter my daughter like this, but I’ll tell you in advance that I think you’re crazy.

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13 thoughts on ““Haunted” Walgreens

  1. Just noticed your link to my sheltering post, and reading this made me remember a post I started last Halloween.

    So I proof-read and posted it, though it feels less real now than it did a year ago (I’ve been doing a better job at sheltering, so I don’t feel as passionate now as I did then). It’s all information I wanted to “keep before my eyes” and told myself I’d publish in a year.

    Anyway, just thought I’d blame a post on you. I get a kick out of being told I’m an instigator, so I figured I’d pass it along.

    Blessings on your day.

  2. Kyle,
    This morning at a Beth Moore Bible study one of the ladies was talking to our group about this very subject…how interesting! She said she needed prayer for one of her internationally adopted daughters (Moriah). She is so disturbed by what she sees in stores from September-November every year that she has terrible nightmares and very little sleep-which effects her greatly at school. It’s so sad that a little girl who has endured so much trauma already has to endure more each year here in America-her supposed safe place now.
    As far as sheltering goes….when exactly did we decide as adults, in our infinite wisdom, that the gore and filth of the world was suddenly o.k. for us?!
    Very strange…aren’t we supposed to be renewed daily by the Spirit???
    -all done on my soapbox now, would anyone else fancy a turn?

  3. Well put Katherine Lee — I’ve missed talking to you and hearing your insight…. would have loved to have lived near you this election time.

    Kyle …. shelter away — parents are to protect their children. Well done! She’ll have to face it soon enough, but why push it? It breaks my heart and I want to take my babies and wrap them up and never let them outside!

  4. Three cheers for Kyle for saying what we all have been thinking. Hip hip, Hooray! Hip hip, Hooray! Hip hip, Hooray!!!

  5. We have a hard time every year with Hayden. He cries before we go into any store and asks if they have “yucky” stuff in there. It makes me so mad. And you’re right…it’s not funny little halloween stuff, it’s things that give even me nightmares.

  6. We actually thought we might get a little opposition on to this post, but I’m glad to see that we’re not alone here.

    Amy, thanks for your great thoughts! They’ve been helpful as Keri and I have worked through this subject together.

    Kath, thanks for sharing that story and your insight.

    Lan, thanks for the encouragement.

    Kim, glad to hear that Bryn’s new buddy is a kindred spirit!

  7. I completely agree! Those decorations are awful and I really wonder who buys those. Who would want those in their home? I covered my little guy’s eyes when going through Target and I turned the corner into a huge zombie thing. It is not bad at all to shield your sweet little one from things that could scare her. That is your job as a daddy- to protect your little girl!
    It reminds me of the lovely “decorations” that greeted us each year in the school’s cafeteria. Nothing says “welcome” like a dead bride and groom.

  8. My concern is that some people actually use these items to “celebrate” something! Now THAT’S creepy!

  9. I haven’t been in Walgreens lately(thanks for the warning).

    Kyle, you are protecting your daughter and guarding her heart before she is old enough to do that for herself. She’s blessed to have a Daddy like you. Remember the old song…”Be Careful Little Eyes What You See”? Well, that’s a song for all of us. Too bad you couldn’t cover your eyes also. :-)

    I’ll have to check out your sheltering link. – We are praying for you guys as you relocate!

  10. Kyle,

    I am probably the best chance for opposition and even I agree.
    Some time after reading this post I walked down the Halloween
    isle in Wal-mart. Here are some of the choices I saw for kids:
    Slasher McCrusher, Guts falling out Bob, Psycho Satan Clowns of all
    different sizes, Serial Killers etc.. and for the girls – lots of hooker outfits.
    Gone are the days when Ben dressed up like a hobo and Kath dressed up like a bee and Ker dressed up like an angel and I dressed up like a pirate.
    Hell in a hand basket guys. Hell in a hand basket.
    P.S. There was also like 400 gallons of fake blood which was actually pretty cool.

  11. Great Gorilla, thanks for your hilarious input. Yes, I’m a little surprised that you backed me up on this.

    Unfortunately, I made the mistake again tonight and took Brynna to Walgreens to pick up some ice cream. Dang!

    Before we even entered the store, I could see the rotten-face-cobweb-heads, and I asked Brynna to put her head on my shoulder and close her eyes while I carried her through the store because there were some “rude things that you don’t want to see.” Fortunately, she did what I asked, and only opened her eyes to help me pick out the flavor.

    Gorilla, you’re right about the hell stuff. Just another reminder that we live in a fallen world that is desperate for a Savior. Glad we can have a part in seeing lives redeemed.

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