Our New Address

In preparation for moving early next week, I’ve been trying to get our phones, electricity, and other utilities set up so that they’re ready to go when we get there. Through this process, I’ve noticed some discrepancies in the name of our address. Some places have it listed as Drive and others as Road or Lane.

Well, in an effort to get this sorted out, I decided to check Google Maps to see the official listing there. The image below is what I discovered. I have removed the street names to appease my wife and throw off all our would-be stalkers, but otherwise the information is unchanged.

Hmm.  I guess we can just take our pick?

6 thoughts on “Our New Address

  1. Funny! Who designs towns anyways? If you really could choose which one you wanted I would vote for “street name” Lane…lanes have always seemed so romantic to me, it’s like they conjure up images of frolicking deer and babbling brooks. -sigh-

  2. BJL, great comment. Yes, very gray indeed.

    Kath, I think my wife is also voting for lane, but I’ve mostly just been leaving it off so far. In my opinion, the less words the better. Shorter to write, but we’ll see if that actually gets our mail there.

  3. I agree with “lane.” “Road” to me says unpaved, lots of dust kicking up behind your Hyundai…”Street” says you better keep the landscaping up and don’t plan a yard sale…”Lane” just says whistling while walking to work and waving at the paper boy on his 10-speed!

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