Reception or Roast?

You know that someone really loves you when they’re willing to help you bridge the cultural divide and give you lessons on appropriate attire for a new place.  That’s what my Pastor did for me tonight at our reception.  I accused him of just wanting to show off his arms, but either way, I was pretty surprised to see him walk into the service looking like this tonight.

My favorite part – he even tried to mess up his hair in honor of me.  Now, that’s some serious love.

4 thoughts on “Reception or Roast?

  1. Kyle,
    I’m so excited for you and Keri. Brother, I am going to miss the Sweet Home Chicago lunches and the camaraderie we have shared venturing into multi-site and fatherhood together. I wish our families would’ve gotten together…ugh, the crazy life of ministry!
    It sounds like your new position will be right up your alley!

  2. Peter, I keep telling my wife that I need to call you, but things have been so crazy for the past few weeks. Sorry about that.

    Hey, Sweet Home Chicago closed down, at least until January. I called them up the other day to order a deep dish, and a guy told me that they were packing up. Sad times. We felt that it was some kind of confirmation. :)

    I love you, my friend! Your encouragement has been very sustaining to me!

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