Faith Promise Church

I know this photo is pretty lame, but it’s hard to take an on-the-sly photo when you’re ushering and all you have is an iPhone to do the job.  I’m standing about six rows from the back left corner and facing the screen on the right side of the stage.  You can see a glimpse of the balcony on the right.

I love the atmosphere of worship and anticipation in this place.  People are excited to be there, and yes, it feels a bit like a rock concert.  I love it!  (Why should that feeling be reserved for only concerts and football games?)

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3 thoughts on “Faith Promise Church

  1. Another really cool thing about FPC is that even though it’s an exciting and young crowd, there are many people who are passionately committed to Faith Promise who don’t fit the stereotypical mold of who you’d expect to see there.

    This past Saturday night, I sat next to a senior adult man with a walker, and I’ve spoken with several senior adults who are excited about being a part of a church that is reaching many people.

  2. And yet ANOTHER cool thing about FPC is that they have the best church coffee ever. Having tried coffee at probably hundreds of churches I feel I can speak authoritatively. This is the first church where I have gone back for more after the first try:) These things are important.

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