My Downfall

I’ve only been in Tennessee for a few weeks, but I can already tell that one thing in particular will be my downfall – a nearly irresistible temptation and a wonderful libation: sweet tea.

It’s not that it couldn’t be found in Texas, it just couldn’t be found everywhere.  On occasion, in Texas, I would think, “Oh, yeah.  I’m at a place that serves sweet tea!”  But now, I have that thought any time I go anywhere, whether it’s small group, a church function, or a restaurant.  I’m surrounded by the sugary goodness, and it’s very hard for me to resist.

I have it in good authority that the over indulgence of this elixir can have a negative affect on one’s waistline, so I’m treading lightly.  But still… I think it may be a struggle.

3 thoughts on “My Downfall

  1. Just mix garlic cloves with your sweet tea and you won’t have to worry at all about that waste line. The only thing on your mind will be, “why do I listen to that brother-in-law?”
    All the best

  2. Kyle… BEWARE…. back up now and do NOT get sucked in. I gained.. well, the amount is not the point – it was a lot because of this delightful stuff! I have since given it up — it’s the only way to survive!

  3. Ben & Lan, thanks for the advice! I started by aiming for moderation, but the definition of moderation keeps on increasing!

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