On a Swing Together (in TN)

Yesterday, I decided to hang a swing in the back yard. My parents gave it to us a couple of years ago, but we’ve never had a good place to hang it until now.

Although I was able to throw the rope over the branch from the ground, I had to climb up to get it placed correctly on the branch (and also to show my wife that I hadn’t lost my tree-climbing touch).

My kids love swinging, and it turned out great.

Lan was in town for the weekend, and she’s the one who took the photo of me in the tree.

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5 thoughts on “On a Swing Together (in TN)

  1. You know what we need to plan on? Me coming over there sometime when you have your own place and building a tree house for Brynn and Van. On the sketch factor scale you were pushing a two or three it looks like from the pic. But since I wasn’t there maybe it was more than that! Thanks for the ideas on my logo. I would love to work with you on it. I sent you an email with some more specifics.

  2. Nice! You always remember a cool swing. Me and Ker had that one in Colta that she has probably told you about. I think the sketch factor was around 2.
    Ben knows the scale way better than I do but I say that because if you fall…..yatzee……you grab a branch. Keep up the climbing skills. Girls like guys that have skills. GG

  3. I’m highly disappointed — all of the great pictures I took of you climbing up the tree and the artistic ones of you in the tree… and this is the one you pick?

  4. Ben, sounds great. I’d totally enjoy building a tree house with you, especially if it’s ridiculously high in a tree.

    Gorilla, when I was pushing my daughter on the swing this evening, I kept wishing I had a big tree swing too. Oh, well. Maybe later.

    BonkyMom, thanks for the encouragement!

    Lan, sorry. Editorial rights. Thanks again for the visit and taking the pics!

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