The Beast of Familiarity (part 2)

Not only can familiarity have a negative impact on our marriages and friendships, it can have a similar impact on our relationship with our Heavenly Father.  Our relationship with God is not immune.  What once was a dynamic and thriving relationship with God can turn into something that is rote, programmatic, or at worst, legalistic.  Our deep love and gratitude for God’s grace can be lost in the busyness of life.

Just like our relationships with friends and spouses, there are simple steps we can take to start moving back in the right direction.  What is different is that God is always ready for us return to Him.  Unfortunately, human relationships often take some time to warm back up to the idea, but God is constantly pursuing us and desires that we share deep fellowship with Him.

4 thoughts on “The Beast of Familiarity (part 2)

  1. Wow…I am totally convicted of all these things you write of, what a shame it is to miss out on the potential fun, love, and beautiful relationships with all whom we surround ourselves with daily. On a side note, I tried to smooch Ben last night without him expecting it and he gave me the big BOOT, so familiarity is living amongst us too in the Lotzgesell home, yet I never saw it as that, so thanks for the words of wisdom. I will take note and try and oversee it as I once did when we were in complete awe of each other.

  2. Beth, you are not alone in the Lotz house. In our home we have a
    phenomenon I like to call “the push-away hug”. It is a hug and a gentle
    “too busy right now” shove at the same time. I’ll let you guess who
    likes to give these:) But it goes both ways. I can’t think of any of my
    faulty habits right now, imagine that:) However, I do have them and I
    love what you said about looking at the relationship with that awe that
    you once had for each other. Let’s do it!

  3. I like to think of the “push-away” hug as a form of time management. ;)

    Actually, Josh and I were talking about something in the office today, and I think that busyness (a lack of margins) really plays into this as well. Familiarity and busyness are like a one-two punch (or if you’re Brock or Nathan, some sort of ninja submission hold) on relationships.

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