Pondering Facebook

I love Facebook.  It’s a great social networking application, and it’s allowed me to stay in contact with a lot of people that I love in Texas.  It’s also helped me to learn more about some of my new friends in Tennessee.

My brother, Phil, is the one who convinced me to join, and I still remember the awkwardness of not having any “friends” on Facebook for a few days (even Phil wasn’t accepting my friend request), and it took me a few months to convince Keri that it was worth her time.  (She loves it now, by the way.)

The main reason I’m writing is to convince the rest of the Admin team at Faith Promise that they need to be using Facebook rather than (or at least, in addition to) Twitter.

So, could those of you already using Facebook give me a little help here?  What is it that’s so cool about Facebook?

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