FP Paraphernalia

This is probably silly, but I’m really excited about some Faith Promise window stickers I just had made.  My hope is that the members of our congregation will put them on their cars, filing cabinets, lockers, or any other place that can be a conversation starter for people they encounter each week.

We plan to give them out in January, but in the meantime, they’re sitting in my office.  Come by, and I’ll hook you up (I’ve got 3,000 – four spools).

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5 thoughts on “FP Paraphernalia

  1. THAT’s CRAZY!! A few months ago I intended to have some made for our off-road vehicles and here you go make them.. I got with Heather and got the logo and everything, but never did put foot to tail and get them made… I’ll take 10-15, if that’s ok..

  2. Ben, come on over. :)

    Jeff, that’s very cool. Glad to know that someone else thinks this is a good idea. Remind me next time you see me, and I’ll grab some for you.

  3. Wanting to make a quick stop at Kroger to buy some eggs, I was delayed by a lady who blocked the egg section while she opened all three trays of 18 count eggs. She was lifting EACH egg from the tray and examining it from every angle. I waited and waited and waited and was about to be pretty rude when I glanced at my black shirt with the big “Faith Promise Groups” written on it. An “FP paraphernalia” kept me from doing something stupid. I thought about that incident and I said to myself that my Lord has marked my heart. Black shirt or no black shirt, I must behave as my Lord wants me too. That being said, these little stickers may change some people’s driving habits — including mine. Do they come to match car colors? :-)

  4. Julio, thanks for visiting the blog and posting your comment! It’s interesting how little things can be big reminders that we are ambassadors for our King. The sticker on my windshield was a motivator to get my turn signals fixed.

    About the color: it’s black and white – a perfect match no matter what the color of your car. ;)

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