Merry Christmas

Jesus was pretty hard on the religious leaders of His day. He often confronted them with the way their actions were more about trying to impress God, themselves, and other people than about being in relationship with Him. He rebuked them for their hypocrisy and challenged them to a different way of living.

Tonight as I prepare to go to sleep after a great Christmas day, I’m reflecting on my own life and actions. I desperately want to avoid the error of the Pharisees. Instead, I want to live a life of genuine love for Jesus. Not just trying to look good to others or making a good impression. I want to be the real deal – in love with the Messiah. Not something ridiculous or fake. Not something motivated by self righteousness. Not a proffessional holy man. I want to be completely sold out to Christ and His church. I want to live a life of grace and mercy.

Please, God, help me to escape myself and my selfishness. Show me how to love you and live for you.

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