Speaking of Random….

These last couple of days have been crazy.  Lots of bizarre stuff going on, so I thought I’d write a bit about it here.

First of all, we’ve gotten quite a bit of rain here in Tennessee, and evidently the roofing job my landlord had done recently didn’t turn out so great.  There were quite a few leaks, and the water coming through the ceiling was brown.  Keri managed to catch it all in big bowls, but it left nice brown stains on the ceiling in several places.

Second, this morning while we were all hanging out in the living room enjoying our time together, Cujo and his best friend decided to pay us a visit.  I’m not scared of dogs, but I promise you that if I had gone outside, he would have torn off a limb.  Angry fellow.  Well, the dogs decided that my front porch was their new home, so they dug into the flower bed and made a huge mess.  They stayed for a few hours, until animal control showed up (we were gone at the time).

Sorry, but I didn’t get any photos of the dogs.  I was trying to console my daughter, who was freaking out because the dog was trying to break through the living room window to eat us all.

Third, I found out last night that the administration at Texas Tech decided to shut down 88.1, KTXT.  This was my favorite radio station in High School and college, and already there’s a group of 2,500 on Facebook who are rallying for a change in this decision.  This radio station was so cool, and it’ a part of the Texas Tech heritage for many.

Fourth, this is my 100th post to this blog.  Wow!  That’s hard to believe.  Not nearly as many as other bloggers I know, but it’s still a milestone.

8 thoughts on “Speaking of Random….

  1. I know this sounds mean, but have you ever considered a 308 Magnum, with 110 grain rounds? He won’t know what hit em’. Promise. Or, a 70 lb compound. It won’t scare the neighbors cause there is no bang. The arrow would go right through him. Sit Cujo. Sit. Good dog. I love dogs, but……….

  2. Wow Benji….classy comment…..I know, next time someone slightly annoys me I think I will shoot them in the head…great plan! I love people, but….they can be more annoying dogs….promise!

  3. First, here is my perfect chance to plug a movie called “Dark Water”.
    What Keri just went through with the water coming through the ceiling is exactly what the movie is about. It’s a must see. (Brynna probably shouldn’t watch it.) Second, I am with Ben except I think it would be a challenge to try to kill the dog with your bare hands instead of just shooting it. Kicks at first would be the way to go. Congrats on your 100th blog!

  4. I wish you two could stop being so nasty…maybe blog comments make people a little more bold than they would usually be. It’s easy to hurt things smaller than you but it takes a real man to have compassion on God’s creatures. I’m thankful to be married to one of those! :)

  5. I am with Kath! I wish you two could just grow up! Meanies! On a more serious note – I hope no one took me seriously in my comment earlier.
    I think the only appropriate time to shoot a dog in the face with a 44magnum is when it is a threat to your kids. I think that is the first thing Ben and I were thinking as we read the post.

  6. Thanks for clarifying GG! I hoped you weren’t serious…especially after seeing how nice you treated my kitties and the cows I work with. No harm done then GG….Love you! Wish I could send ya some pumpkin pie ice cream….but I think it would be too melty ;)

  7. With the help of my wife, I have resisted the urge to write anything here that would stir things back up amongst the siblings.

    This is an exact quotation of a comment I overheard between a couple of guys at a restaurant the other day (one was evidently named Gilbert), “Gilbert, sometimes what goes through your head shouldn’t come out of your mouth.”

    Good advice. I’ll follow it, at least this once.

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