Turn Signals are Great


Isn’t it weird that we don’t really appreciate most things until they’re gone?  Like health.  I never think much about my health until I’m sick.  Or electrical power.  As long as it’s around, I take it for granted.  When it’s absent, I wish it were around.

Well, for the past few weeks I’ve been operating my Jeep Cherokee without turn signals.  One day they started working intermittently, and then a few days later they were gone.  So, for the past couple of weeks I’ve been driving around without turn signals – to the frustration of everyone driving around me.

But yesterday, that all changed.  I took the Jeep to the shop, and now I’ve got functioning turn signals.  I love having functioning turn signals, and I’m grateful for them every time I need to turn.  That is, for now.  At least for the rest of this week.  After that, I’ll probably be thinking of other things.

But my turn signals have got me thinking – there are so many truly valuable things in life that we ignore each day.  If we’re not careful, we walk through the day without giving these things a second glance.  We’re so busy thinking about the next project or meeting, that we forget to remember the blessings God has placed in our life.

I don’t want to live that way.

4 thoughts on “Turn Signals are Great

  1. Ive got one word that will solve all of your problems in life: FORD. No wonder the turn signals don’t work, it’s a Jeep. I like the last paragraph of this post – very true.

  2. Nate, last time I checked, you weren’t driving a Ford either. Besides, my Jeep has 186,000 miles on it. If it were a Ford, it would probably be in a junk yard somewhere. ;)

    Despite your punkish comment, I still have to congratulate you, because your comment was the 300th comment on this blog. Thanks for sticking with me, man! It’s comments like yours that make this blog worth visiting.

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