Another Haircut

Those who have been reading this blog for a while know that I hate getting haircuts.  But yesterday, my wife and I agreed that I had put things off for long enough.  It was time to find a place in Knoxville.

What I didn’t mention in my last post about haircuts is that my wife has been encouraging me for a couple of years to upgrade my experience to a real hair salon.   It’s hard for me to admit this, but yesterday, I gave in to my wife’s suggestions.

Everything was new and different from the beginning, starting with needing to make an appointment.  I’m used to sitting around in a room full of other people who, from the looks on their faces, clearly feel the same way I do about haircuts.  Fortunately, they had an immediate opening available, so after I called, I headed right over.

The differences didn’t stop there.  After I arrived and met my stylist, I received a “consultation”, a head massage (it felt good, but I’m still ambiguous about this), and a shampoo (again, not sure what I think about somebody shampooing my head).  So there I was, already twenty minutes into my haircut, and no one had brandished any scissors.  Crazy!

Well, my stylist did eventually cut my hair, and I must say that it was certainly one of the best haircuts I’ve ever gotten.  I’m used to either:  1) coming home to finish it myself, or 2) going back to ask them to finish the job.  Seriously.

And the fun didn’t stop there, either.  They washed my hair again, dried it, and styled it.

Despite my initial anxiety, there were really only two bad things about the experience:  1) It cost about twice what I’m used to paying (guess I’ll have to go less frequently) and 2) my hair still smells a little like some herbal panda bear thing.

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12 thoughts on “Another Haircut

  1. I share your pain. I just got my haircut today at Supercuts (Turkey Creek), but I had a recommended stylist (Elisha) and it turned out good. The haircut before this one was a nightmare. After cutting my hair, she actually said, “You’re sideburns are uneven, does one grow longer than the other?” No joke. Looking back, I should have ran when she asked the lady next to her which guard was a number 2.

  2. There are few things better than having the hair massage and shampoo! I would pay just for that!

  3. Brad, that is hilarious! Glad to know I’m not alone on this.

    Jordan, doesn’t it make you feel a little bit weird? Somebody you don’t know is getting paid to rub on your head. It made me feel like I needed to apologize to my wife when I got home.

    My line of reasoning right now is going like this: if it costs twice as much, and I’m used to going about once a month, I’ll just start going every two months instead.

    Maybe they’ll forget to massage my head.

  4. Definitely a man/woman thing. My husband refuses to get a massage because he doesn’t want a man touching him and feels he’s being unfaithful if a woman touches him.

    I’m with Jordan. My favorite part of the haircut experience is the shampoo and massage.

    The trick, I have found, is to find a local shop or sole proprietor (not one of those “Super” chains). They do equally good work without as much fuss for a much lower price.

    If all else fails, do what women do. Find someone whose hair you really like and ask them where they go.

  5. Kyle, friend … There is a word to describe this tendency: metrosexual. I, for one, seat in the back porch and let my wife run the clippers and then get hosed down to not drag hair n the house. Now that’s man’s haircut.

  6. Amanda, thanks for the advice!

    Greater Gorilla, I don’t know whether to be offended by that comment or not. I think I need some direction from Brock here. Brock, is this good or bad? Help me out, bro!

    I will say this: I love my wife, but I’ve let her cut at my hair before, and it will never happen again. Not even with clippers! She’s great at many things, but giving haircuts isn’t one of them. (I was kidding with her about this the other day, and I told her that I’d rather have a drunk blind monkey cut my hair using his feet than chance another haircut from her.)

  7. I’ll help ya out: I don’t think that somebody that says, and I quote, “I’d rather have a drunk blind monkey cut my hair using his feet than chance another haircut from her” to his wife should be easily offended ;)

  8. Thank you Greater Gorilla!!! It is a good thing I am a woman of unending patience and love, isn’t it;) I will say though that I ALMOST deserved the drunk blind monkey comment. You should have seen it.

  9. I’ve never been drunk, but I’d be glad to go for it if you’d let me cut your hair with my feet.

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