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Over the past couple of months, my life has been consumed with preparing for the launch of the new Faith Promise Church website.  I am thrilled to report that tonight we will redirect the name servers to point to the new website.

This has been a mammoth project, and even with a couple of us working on it almost daily for weeks, we still missed our desired launch day of Jan 1st (but not by much).

I want to thank all of the people who have helped see this project through.  Evan Crass got the ball rolling even before I arrived at Faith Promise by pulling together a bunch of people who were eager to see the site go to the next level.  From then on, I’ve been amazed at the talent and skill found at Faith Promise.

Special thanks to Jeff Lowe for tracking down all the DNS info and so faithfully uploading audio files to the site each week, and Brad Farrar for your excellent worship photography that is featured on several pages.  Toe, thanks for your encouragement and expertise, and Heather,  thank you for designing the amazing sermon series graphics and logos.  Thanks also to Josh for entrusting this project to me and empowering me with the necessary resources.

There are many others who have contributed, but none so much as my new friend Brad Roberts.  His skill and expertise as a developer is outstanding, and it’s been a joy to work alongside him on this project.  Meetings (both face-to-face and internet), phone conversations, and many late nights have been poured into this site together.

If you click the link and still see the old site, take a moment to look around and tell it goodbye (the name servers take up to a couple of days to update across the internet).  Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the new site.

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8 thoughts on “New Faith Promise Website

  1. Hey man! Thanks for the kind words. It’s been a blast! I’m excited about all the ideas everyone had that we didn’t have time to get to! I think I’m gonna hibernate for a couple of days now. Later.

  2. Great job on the new website! I like the photo’s with meet the staff…actually see pastor give message…calendar….you did great on every aspect of it. God bless you abundantly for the numerous hours you poured into this project. As a member of FPC…Thank you.

  3. Kyle (& Brad),
    You have done a fantastic job!!! All your hard work has definitely paid off; the site looks great. Step back and enjoy it for a few days. Oh and get some rest!

  4. I made the blog!

    Amazing site and I can’t wait to see it grow. Way to go Kyle and Brad. Glad to see the faithpromise experience can now be felt on-campus as well as virtually.

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