Resolutions (part one)

One thing I really appreciate about Faith Promise is the focus on resolutions and goal setting.  It’s a passion of the pastor, and it has become a part of the culture of the church.  From church-wide goals to personal growth plans, I find myself right at home.

In the midst of my goal setting, I realize that I am once again face to face with the Beast of Familiarity.  If I’m not careful, my driven personality drags me into stale religion and rule keeping.  I can read through chapters without being pulled into and overcome by the Text – without being engaged by the Personal God of the Universe.

Because of this, I’m doing a couple of things this year:

  1. I’m using a different Bible translation (NLT) than the one I normally read (NIV).
  2. I’m committing to spend more time journaling my prayers – either written or typed.

What about you?  What helps you to stay focused on Christ?  Is there anything new that you’re committing to for the year?

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3 thoughts on “Resolutions (part one)

  1. Last year focusing on a word and verse for the year were very helpful to me in staying focused on Christ. My word was thankfulness and I regularly jotted “thanks lists” in a prayer journal. I think I will continue that this year as well as the practice of selecting a word and verse to focus on. Writing out on paper what I am learning and how blessed I am is a wonderful spiritual growth tool for me, especially later when I look back and have that tangible proof of God’s faithfulness.

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