It Has Officially Begun

Well, the Internet Campus has gone great these past two weekends. Here’s a bit of recap:

  • Last Sunday, over 144 people attended a web broadcast of Sacred Storm.
  • People from three countries and 20 states joined us.
  • Today, over 60 people joined us for our worship service at 10 am.
  • People from nine states joined us.
  • Several people connected with one another in the chat area.
  • A couple of people requested one-on-one prayer from iCampus volunteers.

If all of that wasn’t cool enough, I heard a great story tonight from a couple that’s been attending our Knoxville campus for about a month now. As we were talking, I mentioned the iCampus, and the wife said, “Oh, I was on there this morning.” I was surprised to hear that, but I was even more surprised about what she said next. She said, “When I realized what the Pastor was preaching about, I decided that my family needed to be there, so I logged off, told everybody to get ready, and we came to the 11:45 service.”

I can’t wait to hear more stories over the next months! We are doing ministry in very exciting times!

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