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This is a hilarious video, and it reminded me to share the news that a great online Scripture resource called YouVersion has recently been redesigned and is now out of beta. If you haven’t seen it already, you really need to check it out. (If you’ve been under a rock, they also have great free applications for the iPhone and BlackBerry.)

4 thoughts on “Bibles & Technology

  1. really cool how your video links to youtube, i use a samsung phone for all my internet use and it doesnt have a flash player so the only videos i can watch are on youtube. my wish list would be for the fp site to link the same way as well as any future video blogs pastor may do…..keep up the good work, we are blessed to have you at fp. (and dont give up on the flip flops, they will grow on you)

  2. Robbie, thanks for the comment and visiting my blog. I appreciate the encouragement!

    About YouTube – The reason we chose Vimeo over YouTube was that six months ago, the quality of YouTube was still terrible, and they had (and I believe still do have) a ten minute limit to their videos.

    About the flip flops: I’m hanging in there, and I think I’m past the difficult part (I actually threw one across the Satellite One room the other day).

  3. Hey, watch it there, Andy! Don’t be a PC hater. I may use an iPhone, but I’m also a PC user.


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