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I never would have guessed I’d be writing this, but I’m beginning to prefer reading from my iPhone over reading a paper book.  For the past six months or so, I’ve done all my devotional Bible reading from the YouVersion Bible App, and I just finished reading my second book on the iPhone Kindle App (BTW, it was Tribes by Seth Godin – an amazing little book on leadership).

I think I like it so much because:

  • I’ve always got my book with me since it’s on my phone
  • the backlight is really nice – I can easily read in the dark
  • I can have a new book on my phone within minutes of placing my order in the Amazon Kindle store
  • It’s more eco-friendly
  • I could be wrong, but it seems like there is less strain on my eyes

Makes me think that there will probably be a day soon when everybody does most of their reading on a handheld device.

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6 thoughts on “Digital Books

  1. Regarding the eye strain, my optometrist told me the biggest problem is the angle in which you are reading. This will not apply with a handheld device because you will be looking down as you would be when reading a book, however when viewing a computer monitor, you should be viewing it at a downward angle rather than directly in front of you.

    I have become quite fond of my Dell Mini 9. Not so fond of using the PDA phone a lot because a 2.2 pound netbook is not that bad.

    Also, Pastor Chris has a point about being about to write notes in a bible and pass it along to someone, your kids for example. So I have not been using an electronic bible. I like to write in mine.

  2. I use the free ESV Bible Kindle on my ipod touch for my lunch time bible reading. It’s great. It’s actually a good conversation starter too. If someone sees you reading a paper bible (or analog bible), they’re not going to ask you about it. For some reason everyone wants to know what you’re up to when using pda, ipod/iphone, or really any hand held electronic device. It offers a great chance to let them know about what you’re learning from God’s word.

  3. Mike, that’s very interesting. Good point about having a marked up Bible too.

    Chris, that’s cool. It’s really neat to see the accessibility of God’s Word opened up through new technology.

  4. i like to read in the bathroom, actually, most of my most prolific reading takes place there…therefore, i don’t want to take my “phone” into the lou with me everytime…since i’ll be using it all day. with a celluloid book, i can check it out from the library, read it (in bathroom), and return it…no germs to worry about. :)

  5. Lan, you still have to hold it, and even flip the pages (on the Kindle, at least. Some of the others work like teleprompters – scroll speed depends on the angle of the screen), but I know what you mean. It’s a little different, at first, until you get pulled into the book and don’t notice anymore.

    Brad, remind me not to borrow books from you. :)

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