Speaking of Fear & Failure…

For several weeks now, we’ve been planning towards launching our Internet Campus this Easter weekend with a rebroadcast of Sacred Storm.  There’s still a lot to do to get things ready, but tonight Josh and I decided to push the envelope a little further and do two services on Easter Sunday, 4/12/09.  We’ll broadcast at  both 3pm and 8pm EST.

Honestly, this is terrifying, and the potential for failure just got cranked up a notch, but so did the potential of making an eternal impact in people’s lives.  Now, not only will we have six amazing productions in Knoxville, we’ll also have two productions that are aired globally.  That’s amazing, and it’s worth the risk!

As you pray for these productions and invite people to attend, please also pray for my great friend Brad Roberts and I as we continue to build the Internet Campus and get it ready to roll.

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4 thoughts on “Speaking of Fear & Failure…

  1. Dude, don’t worry. God is using you to knock things out of the park recently. FP is lucky to have you aboard. Keep doing what you’re doing and know that God is running the show. (whether it be success or failure by our human standards) He is still running the show.

    I can’t wait to check it out. Maybe I can get a sneak peek…::wink::

  2. Thanks, Chris! Man, I can’t believe that you guys are so close to your launch. I can’t wait to see how God works and changes lives through your ministry in Oak Ridge! Keep me posted.

  3. I am so excited for you and can’t wait to be a part of your campus. What an amazing opportunity.

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