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Faith Promise Internet Campus

Just in case I haven’t said it recently – I love my job. I get to work with amazing people and work on fun projects.

One huge project that’s been slowly coming together over the past few months is Faith Promise’s Internet Campus. Basically, it’s video of the worship service, a virtual lobby area where people can interact through chat, and a place where people can be ministered to through one-on-one prayer. I know there will be skeptics, but I believe God will use it to spread His fame and bring people to faith in Him.

Well, after a lot of work and effort (Brad Roberts has again played a huge role in this endeavor), we’re launching the iCampus this weekend, 4/12/09, with rebroadcasts of Sacred Storm at 3 & 8 pm Eastern Time. Beginning 4/19/09, we’ll begin broadcasting each Sunday morning at 10 am Eastern Time.

What’s really cool is that like our physical campus, this ministry is going to require the help of volunteers. We need greeters in the chat area to welcome people and build relationships, and we need prayer operators who are ready to share the gospel, encourage people, and lift people in prayer.

Please join me in praying for people all over the world who will be exposed to God’s Truth and love through our Internet Campus.

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13 thoughts on “The Internet Campus

  1. Rock on, I’ll push people to this to, but a question, how will people be able to access it from Can we expect a link really soon on the main page?

  2. Hit submit a touch too soon, I see the image for the broadcast of SS on the lower right, but will that always be the spot for iCampus?

  3. Jeff, the content at the top right of the Faith Promise website will soon be replaced with info and a countdown, and the iCampus will open in a sized window. Brad is working on this and the communication card today.

  4. Mike, the video is being streamed from Light Cast Media, the company that provides streaming video to Life Church, Seacoast Church, New Spring Church, and a bunch of other places that do Internet Campuses.

  5. Jeff, we worked out some bugs with the chat not working in IE, finished the communication form, and added the countdown. I think we’re finally ready for the kick off! I’m very excited!

  6. Great job, guys!

    Sacred Storm just finished streaming right into my home. All worked well.

    I look forward to next Sunday!

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