My Hero

There are several people in my life that I consider to be my heroes for various reasons, but ever since college the first person who always comes to mind when I hear the word “hero” is my Grandmomma, Dorothy Willingham.

Today, my dad called to let me know that she passed away – stepping out of this world an into the next.

This was a complete shock to me (she did have a major stroke almost a year ago, but since then she’s been working hard to regain mobility and speech). In fact, when I talked to her on the phone yesterday, she was having a great day – telling me that she was going to try to walk down the aisle in my brother’s wedding in June. Despite the shock, I’ve still had a tremendous sense of peace (with sadness), as Keri and I have talked about her today.

She was an amazing woman. Here are a few of the reasons Dorothy Willingham is my hero:

  • She was a devout follower of Jesus Christ. The real deal. You could see it in her life.
  • She was unswervingly loyal. From the fun times that we had with her growing up, to teaching in the public school system for half a century, to the kind service she extended to those she knew who were going through health problems – she was always willing to help care for the people around her.
  • She never gave up. Even through the discouragement of her own health setbacks, she kept pushing forward.
  • Unlike a lot of people I’ve met who get crankier with age, she was always fun to be around, and she was always laughing and making me laugh. She loved to be the center of attention, and she was willing to say and do ridiculous things to get people to smile.

Thank God for people like Dorothy Willingham who are faithful to the end and who show us how to live. Until we are reunited, we will miss her tremendously.

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7 thoughts on “My Hero

  1. What a great tribute, Kyle. It is clear that Dorothy left a lasting and positive impact on those she was around. As your friend I am thankful to God for what she poured into your life- we are all better because of it. God bless you and your family as you grieve with hope. We love and miss you guys.

  2. I enjoyed reading your loving reflections on your grandmother. I’m sorry that you are experiencing such a great loss. We love you and Keri and will be praying for your peace and comfort.

  3. That’s heartbreaking news Kyle. Sometimes its easy to forget how blessed we are to be born into a family of Christ followers. Thanks for the reminder. It makes a huge difference for sure.

  4. Kyle, This is a hard thing to lose someone you love so dearly. I am thankful though that you will see her agian in Heaven. Heather and I will be praying for you and your family. I will also pray for extra strenght for you while doing the service.

  5. Thanks to each of you for taking the time to post a comment here. She was a great lady, and it has been a great week of remembering her life and impact.

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