Craig’s List Road Trip

Spurred on by a Craig’s List listing for a mountain bike and kid trailer, my daughter and I made a trip out to Cosby, TN, today.  She got to ride in the front seat for the first time, and we got an outstanding deal on the purchase ($100 total – Thanks, Kathy, for telling us about this!).

In addition to traveling on the newly-opened I-40, the trip into the mountains was gorgeous.  Hard to capture on a iPhone camera while driving, but here’s a snapshot of our trip.

By the way, the bike and trailer work great, and I’m whipped!

2 thoughts on “Craig’s List Road Trip

  1. Bonky Mom, would I put my child in the front seat if it wasn’t legal? C’mon, have a little more faith in your ol’ friend.

    Yeah, actually the Tennessee law says that it’s fine if the back seat isn’t available, and this is first time that we’ve ever run into that situation.

    BTW, it was really cool having her up there. I’m looking forward to when she can ride in the front seat with me all the time rather than me just being her chauffeur.

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