Home Depot & My Daughter

You may not realize this, but Home Depot puts on an awesome free kid’s clinic each month nationwide.  This month was our first time to go, and the experience was great.  They provide a kit, let you use their tools, and give the kids a Home-Depot-style apron.  When you complete the project, the kids get a pin and a snack.

Whoever thought this up is brilliant!  Not only does it foster incredible good will from me to Home Depot, but it also builds that into my kids as well.


I’ve heard that Lowe’s does it too, but I haven’t been yet.

PS – Thanks, Marti, for the tip.

4 thoughts on “Home Depot & My Daughter

  1. Awesome! I need to check it out. I think I am going to get some Shares of HP. I can’t wait for Lathan to build a birdhouse with Brynn.

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