Little Graffiti Artist

This past weekend, some of Keri’s family came to visit us in Knoxville (Dave, Nancy, Erin, & Mattie), and we had a great time hanging out together.  That is, until they drove off to start their trip home.  My three-year-old daughter was heart broken.  I’ve never seen her look so sad.

Now, I want my kids to learn to cope with disappointments in life without my intervention, but still, I wanted to do something that would be fun.  I suggested that we create a tunnel in the living room floor from some big boxes in the garage.  The diversion did the trick, and both kids were thrilled with our construction project.

They had a great time playing inside the thing, but my favorite part was the graffiti decorations that my daughter added over the next couple of days.  I’ve included a few close ups here so you can see a few of her illustrations.

Maybe it’s just because I’m her dad, but I think she’s brilliant.  We may start writing and illustrating books from our home, just for fun.

2 thoughts on “Little Graffiti Artist

  1. OK, you’re a superdad. Kids LOVE box tunnels—and the art is like cave drawings! What a sweet couple of kids. Miss you guys like crazy!

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