Overlooking a Great Idea

I love my job, and one of the things I get to do each day is make decisions. Decisions like:

  • What new projects will my team take on?
  • What will be priority?
  • Where will we focus our time and money?
  • Should we do option A, B, or C?

I hope that I make good decisions most of the time, but even when I don’t, I often get the opportunity to revisit those decisions again. The Deaf interpretation on the Internet Campus is a good example of this very thing.

You see, when we first launched the Internet Campus, I got a kind email that I quickly dismissed as outside our scope for the Internet Campus. That was three months ago.


Fortunately, our Graphic Artist Heather Burson, mentioned the idea to me a few weeks later and cast a vision for the impact the iCampus could have in the Deaf community. This second time, I listened.

Has that every happened to you? Have you ever dismissed an idea but later come back with a new perspective?

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2 thoughts on “Overlooking a Great Idea

  1. thanks for sharing this. really glad this is happening, but its just as awesome for me to see what God is teaching you and doing in your life. you and heather are doing an incredible job. thanks for your humility and your integrity. cheers!

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