I had no idea what a nebulizer was until my daughter was prescribed one for her asthma a couple of years ago.  For those of you who don’t know, it’s a little machine that vaporizes medication so that it can be inhaled through a mask.  Kind of like an inhaler, only louder and much more time consuming.

Our nebulizer has become a normal part of life in the Gilbert household.

Well, yesterday, Keri called me on the phone at work to share the funniest story with me.  My nearly four-year-old daughter was doing a breathing treatment in her room, and Keri went in to check on her when she noticed that my daughter had turned it off sooner than it should have taken her to finish the treatment.

When Keri asked her why she turned off the machine, my daughter told her, “It was taking too long, so I drank the rest.”

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4 thoughts on “Nebulizer

  1. oh, i just had to cover my mouth so I wouldn’t laugh out loud here at work. Oh what a beautiful, smart little girl you have. :-)

  2. Hey never thought about drinking it ugghhhh!Have you seen the really small ones that have batteries great for camping.

  3. Lan, I know what you mean. I started laughing so hard when Keri told me the story. I’ve got something weird going on with my lungs, so it was a crazy wheezy laugh.

    Darla, we were supposed to get one of those before we left Fort Worth, but we didn’t. Seems a lot more convenient. Guess we need a drink-proof cap on there. :)

  4. Kyle, Keri’s text to me was great “yeah, it was funny in a ‘laugh while i call poison control’ kind of way.

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