Are We Living in a Sci-Fi Movie?

Every once in a while, when I’m relaxing in my chair – reading the Bible or some other book on my iPhone, or looking at a map to find the location of something on my phone – I feel like pinching myself to see if I’m dreaming.  Technology continues to make so many advances that it really blows my mind.

And then today, I came across this video.  It runs on PCs with a multi-touch screen.  Not sure how useful it would really be, but it sure looks great!

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2 thoughts on “Are We Living in a Sci-Fi Movie?

  1. Kyle,
    I just arrived in Kuwait, where I had some time to catch up on your blog and your awesome wife’s blog. I must say that if you ever think you are wasting time blogging, please keep in mind that it ministers to me. I appreciate you sharing your joys and struggles on your blog, and I especially appreciate how I can keep up-to-date too. I love you guys.

  2. Man that was sick. I think it’s just the beginning. Have you ever seen the glove interface? Basically you go sit in your lazy-boy, turn on your 50 inch LCD and waive your hand around in the air like a king ordering grapes and take care of all your business. Dr. McKay used it in SG Atlantis when he worked on time travel for 25 years to help Colonel Shepard and I think Tom Cruise used it in Minority Report.

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