4 thoughts on “Being a Dad is Soooo Underrated

  1. Kyle upon a closer look of your hair, I bet you blend right into all the beautiful fall colors when you go for walks. Try not to wear the greens and browns or your family may not see you.

    On second note, isn’t that a great book.

  2. My sweet mullet is cooler than your red hair – or it will be when it grows out. Everyone has red hair but who has a sweet mullet? The only people I can think of are white trash. Wait a minute!

  3. Elotz, you’re absolutely right. It was downright dangerous to step foot outside the house. There was always the chance that some bird would mistake me for a tree, and that could be disastrous!

    Gorilla, you’re a crazy guy! What you need is a red mullet.

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