Home Buying: A Few Observations

Over the past few weeks we’ve been walking through the process of purchasing a house here in Knoxville.  Unfortunately, things haven’t gone quite as smooth as we were hoping, but there’s still a chance that we will close on the house this Wednesday.  If not, we’ll have to send new paperwork back through bankruptcy court (the house is currently owned by the bank), and that will delay closing by several weeks.

Through this time, a few things have become apparent:

  • I really struggle with patience.  Once I have a thing planned in my mind, I struggle with any deviation to that plan.
  • Being unsure of what’s going to happen is unmotivating.  For instance, even though I’m packing everything up, many things will have to be unpacked if closing is delayed.
  • Its hard to enjoy living in a rented house once you’ve packed away all your decorations.  It feels like a barren shell of a place – not like home.
  • There is some sick part of me deep inside that kind of enjoys packing (just a little).  Maybe my mom dropped me on my head as an infant, or something.
  • This is a GREAT time to buy a house.  Both the soon-to-end tax credit and the extremely low interest rate sweeten the deal considerably.  In fact, my wife might just end up with new living room furniture for the first time in our marriage.
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2 thoughts on “Home Buying: A Few Observations

  1. Kyle how can we pray for you guys? I am excited to hear what the latest is concerning this casa.

  2. BJL, thanks for your concern and prayers. We’ve been in the new house for a week now, and we’re so grateful to be here.

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