Leading My Kids Toward Jesus

Oh, I love my kids! I love how they are growing and learning, and I love that I get to help direct their lives to Jesus and living for Him without reservations.

One thing that I’ve discovered is that it’s a little bit hard to come by resources that are really great for helping my kids learn about the Bible. Either the stories tend to be poorly written, miss the point, or have lame illustrations. Fortunately, Keri has a collection of books that she and her siblings grew up reading, and they’re fantastic. I don’t personally know about newer editions, but these 1966 Arch Books are my favorite. I read one with the kids every night.

Anybody else have kid resources that you’d recommend for teaching about Jesus and the Bible?

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5 thoughts on “Leading My Kids Toward Jesus

  1. I’ve also found most kid stuff to be lame. As your little princess grows up (maybe even now), I recommend His Little Princess by Sheri Shepherd. Short love letters from God to your little girl with scripture and a prayer. My girls love it!

    Of course, you and Keri and your daily walk are the best resource you have!!

  2. Forgot about another resource that we really love (and is still in print). The Rhyme Bible Storybook is really well written and illustrated. It’s actually a little bit more careful about how it tells some of the stories than the old Arch Books. The illustrations are fabulous.

    My daughter had me read about eight stories to her from it this evening.

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