Riding Bikes

There are some days when parenting is difficult.  There are times when it’s exhausting, grueling work.  But there are other days, like today, when being a parent is a total joy.

This evening, we worked on the kids’ bike riding skills, and we had a great time laughing together.

First up, is my son. Tonight, he learned how to pedal.

There’s only one bad thing about having an older sister:  inheriting her tricycle.  Fortunately, he’s a tough guy, and he still looks cool, even with a pink bike.

Next is my daughter. Even though they were only riding in the driveway, she begged me to let her wear her helmet.  She was so excited about it, that the first few times she fell, she purposefully let her head hit the concrete, just to get the full effect.  (She though this was so great, that she would giggle afterwards on the way back up.)

Oh, and she was also wearing rain boots.

While her little brother rode her old bike, she rode his red bike that’s still to big for him. (Don’t ask me how this happened.)  The cool thing about the red bike is that it doesn’t have any pedals or training wheels, and it’s designed to teach steering and balance, and tonight she started to get it all figured out.

Here’s a video of everything in action (complete with a little bit of bad attitude from my son and positive self-talk from my daughter).

Days like today remind me just how much I love being a dad.

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3 thoughts on “Riding Bikes

  1. love it! Brynn’s “crashes” remind me of watching the world cup players take a huge “hit” when someone brushes past them. In other news Lathan has that exact same red bike with no pedals.

    1. Yep, she’s pretty funny. Good comparison.

      I think there’s a chance that Lathan’s bike may have inspired this one. :)

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