A Useful Tool for Designers

Any time I’m working on a design project – whether it’s a website, a postcard, or creating a logo, finding the right fonts is an important part of the process.  If you’re like me, and you’ve amassed a large number of fonts on your computer, finding the right ones can sometimes be a daunting task.  Fortunately, there’s a website that I’ve been using for a few months that really helps with the process.

The site is called, WordMark.it, and it’s one of the best free design tools that I use on a regular basis.

All you do is enter part of a word or phrase to preview and then load your fonts.  The site will check the fonts you have installed on your computer and will let you preview those fonts all at once.

From there, you can select your favorites and even preview the fonts on a black background.  It’s very quick, simple, and helpful.

Check it out: WordMark.It