Some Thoughts

Today is a day that I’ve been waiting for for a while now. I’m scheduled to have a discectomy on L5/S1 later on this morning. Honestly, after dealing with this pain for so many months, it’s a little bit hard to imagine what it will be like to possibly live without it again. Equally difficult to imagine is a new sort of pain that could result.

The thing I am most certain of is that my heart is at peace with whichever outcome takes place today, and I feel a certain bit of enjoyment in being in a place with several relatively clear possibilities for my future. It’s something that seems to be rare in this life.

Father, thank you for the great gifts you’ve placed into my life: My wife is my dearest friend, full of kindness and love; my children are a joy to me, and that joy continues to expand with each passing day; my extended family is fun to be around, and abnormally fantastic; my friends are world-class – I’m fortunate to have an abundance of meaningful relationships that add untold encouragement and enjoyment; the job of my dreams that stretches me to grow and learn every day while working with an amazing group of people. I am blessed and grateful. This is a life I never imagined I would get to live.

My life is not perfect, and it has its share of challenges, but I am grateful for it.

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