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For several years, since I first started working on my Boba Fett costume, I’ve thought it would be fun to build a costume that would be worthy of joining the 501st. If you’re not familiar with the 501st, it’s a international volunteer Star Wars costuming organization. It’s the organization that provides characters to zoos, events, hospital visits to sick kids, and even the characters at Disney’s Star Wars Weekends.

The only problem is that the 501st are very picky about costume details, and I knew that I would have to spend several hundred dollars to finish out my Boba Fett costume. Instead, I decided to sell off the parts and use the money I made to build a new costume. The character I picked was the Sith Acolyte Eradictor from one of the Star Wars video games (that I’ve never played).

Basically, I wanted to carry a lightsaber and wear a mask. And this guy looks awesome. In fact, I think he might be able to take Boba.

Well, after many hours of work, I’ve finally completed my costume, and this afternoon we did a little photo shoot. This evening I submitted my application for the 501st. :)

I made everything except for the mask and the lightsaber. Below, I’ve posted a bunch of photos that I took during the build. As you hover over these images, you should see some notes related to each.

[update 11/2/15: My costume didn’t get 501st approval. Plan on working on an updated set of armor over the next few months.]

Thanks for checking things out! Hopefully I get some good news on my costume approval soon!

If you’re interested in seeing more things like this that I’ve built, check out the category here.

And here’s all the parts bagged up into two large suitcases for the photo shoot:


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8 thoughts on “Sith Acolyte Eradicator Costume

  1. Kyle, this is fantastic. You should be designing costumes for huge movies. If your have any problems with your spplication, call the lawyer who loves you all! Sidney

  2. Nice – what did the 501 say you needed to correct? And where did you find your pattern for the armor?

    1. They mentioned that some of the edges of the armor still looked like foam. But someone with Flagship Eclipse mentioned that foam wasn’t necessarily a deal breaker. Just needed to work on the problem areas.

      I didn’t work from a pattern–I created it from site.

      I’ve started on new armor that I’m making from PVC board, so I’m selling this armor on eBay.

  3. wut the 501st said no??? this armour is fantastic! innovative idea to use foam. can i place an order for the PVC version ur working on? :D

  4. I was wondering if you might still have the template layers for your Acolyte. After a break in last year, my Vader costume (near complete too) was taken. To jump back in, I was really wanting to use the design for both Jedi (Rebel Legion) and 501st. There are only minor differences (cool, huh??). I was wanting to experiment with coating foam with PVA and then resin to give it a hard layer (xrobots on If you do still have them, I would surely appreciate it!

    Have a good one & God bless,

  5. What about your costume did the 501st not approve of? And would it be possible to get a copy of the patterns you used?

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