Projects & Observations

Why I Love the Leadership Summit

  Over the next few months, you’re going to hear Dr. Marr and I talk a lot about the Leadership Summit.  This is an annual[…]

Just War?

  Do you ever struggle with the apparent tension between Jesus’ command to turn the other cheek and the decision of governments to declare war[…]

New Year’s Resolutions

  Ever since college, I’ve been committed to reading through the Bible at least once each year. Some of the reading plans I’ve used have[…]

Fighting Pornography

Recently our Pastor preached a message on the subject of pornography. The following list of resources has been made available to help you or someone[…]

Christmas Decorations

  I wanted to publicly thank Corinne Breshears for her wonderful decorating talent. If you haven’t already heard, she’s the mastermind behind our beautiful Christmas[…]

I Don’t Own a Television

  Many of you know that for the eight years Keri and I have been married, we haven’t owned a television. Yes, that’s right, we’re[…]

A Royal “Waste” of Time

Tonight I remembered a book by Marva J. Dawn that I read about four years ago called “A Royal ‘Waste’ of Time: The Splendor of[…]

Does God Still Speak Through Dreams?

Here’s a great topic that a member of our fellowship suggested for the blog: There are many instances in Scripture where we read about God[…]

Does Prayer Change God?

  If you’ve ever struggled with the apparent contradiction between God’s unchanging nature and His desire for us to bring our requests to Him, you’ll[…]

Lawn Mowing & the Holy Spirit

  I know the photo above looks strange and morbid, but please hear me out before making any final judgment. Today I was mowing the[…]

That Nagging Feeling

Although we discussed this issue a week ago in my cell group, I felt that the conversation was helpful, and I thought I’d open up[…]

What’s Up with Fasting?

  I recently asked the West Campus congregation to join me in a couple of days of prayer and fasting for our church, and there[…]

Why the Blog?

  Each week I find myself engaged in interesting conversations. Sometimes they make me laugh, and other times they make me reflect on life. I[…]

How are Things?

We are continuing to experience a great time of worship and ministry on the West Campus. People are getting plugged into small groups and ministry[…]

Grand Opening

  Our Grand Opening on 8/6 was a huge success. We were pleased to have 141 people in attendance, including several guests who visited for[…]

First Sunday in Aledo

  Our first Sunday on the West Campus was great! Everything came together quickly and neatly, and our time of worship was great. We had[…]

Prayer Walking

  This morning we had a time of prayer walking the McAnally Campus and then a commissioning service on our main campus [view photos] [listen[…]

Things Are Coming Together

Thanks to the help of Jim Grace, Paul Shaffer, Bob Wilkerson, John Croslin, Royce Turney, and Charles Ince, we now have a very portable system[…]

Children’s Ministry Coordinator

I’m very pleased to announce that Rolanda Hairston has agreed to serve in a part-time capacity as the West Campus Children’s Ministry Coordinator. Rolanda has[…]

One Month Till We Get Started

Today marks one month until our first service in Aledo! God has been so faithful to take us through the past months, and I trust[…]

First Orders Received

We received our first order of children’s furniture and sound equipment, and picked up our video projector, screens, and cables.

West Campus Worship Time

Our West Campus worship team led us in a time of worship during our 11:00 am meeting in the Upper Room, and it was a[…]

West Campus Truck Purchase

  Today we purchased our West Campus Truck. This is a huge answer to prayer! [view photos]

First West Campus Gathering

Our first 11:00 am meeting time together in the Upper Room. The details are scarce, but the calling is clear, and there’s a lot of[…]

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