Things Are Coming Together

Thanks to the help of Jim Grace, Paul Shaffer, Bob Wilkerson, John Croslin, Royce Turney, and Charles Ince, we now have a very portable system of moving our equipment in and out of the cafeteria each week.

In addition, our tech team set up our equipment for the first time this past Thursday night, and everything went very well. John Bradley has been a trooper on this project, and it was great to see everything come together so nicely.

Children’s Ministry Coordinator

I’m very pleased to announce that Rolanda Hairston has agreed to serve in a part-time capacity as the West Campus Children’s Ministry Coordinator. Rolanda has quite a bit of experience in caring for and ministering to children and their families, and I know that she will bring added stability to our ministry on the West Campus.

West Campus Worship Time

Our West Campus worship team led us in a time of worship during our 11:00 am meeting in the Upper Room, and it was a very meaningful time of focusing on God and giving thanks to Him for all that He’s been doing to prepare us.