The Great Wall (part one)

Group Photo at the Great Wall

One of the most anticipated parts of our trip was a visit to the Great Wall.  Rather than going to the area most frequently visited in Beijing, we drove out to a part of the Wall that includes a ski-lift style gondola to get to the Wall and a toboggan slide to get back down.  The view was amazing, and the slide was a lot of fun too.

I thought I filmed my ride down, but I must have accidentally turned off the video.  So, while the video below isn’t mine, it’s a close approximation compared to most of the others I viewed.

I’ll post more photos of the Great Wall tomorrow.

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Bargaining in a Chinese Market

Part of our trip to China included a visit to a Chinese market. It was a lot of fun, especially since you get to bargain with the merchants to try to get a good price.

Most of the time, it was a fairly painless process, but when I was walking around with Josh, things got pretty crazy. Fortunately, I managed to catch some of it on video.

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