Disc Golf in Knoxville

I’ve been wanting to post something about my game of disc golf with Josh last week, but I’ve been at a bit of a loss of how to put the range of emotions into words.  It was Josh’s first time to ever play and my first time to play in Tennessee.  Though it was small, the course was very well kept.  And like always, there was great joy in being outdoors and walking the course with a close friend.

Outside of that, there were a couple of things that made our game interesting.  First of all (and I’ll leave out the details), I was hit with a sudden upset stomach and barely made it to a port-o-potty before it was too late (never thought I’d ever be so happy to see one of those).  Also, when we got back to the car, Josh realized that his Blackberry Storm was missing.  These are the photos of where we found it after searching in the trees in a couple of places.

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Disc Golf Joy


One of my favorite things on earth is a wonderful sport called disc golf.  It’s kind of like normal golf – you play on a course, usually with 18 tees, and you have similar rules.  The difference is that you throw frisbees (putters, medium range, and distance discs) into a disc basket, and it’s free (other than the discs).

I love being outside, walking the course, hanging out with friends, getting competitive, and occasionally throwing a good shot. I even threw a hole-in-one once.  It was great!  Keri was even there to see it happen.

I haven’t played once since moving to Tennessee, but I know there’s a course about 10 minutes from my house.  It keeps calling my name.  Drawing me to itself.

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